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This totally contrary advice than antibiotic use guidelines of the World Health Organization WHO. Accordingly, patients are recommended to consume antibiotics even when they start to feel again.

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Previously, patients are advised to consume antibiotics though they were fine.

For years, doctors always tell patients that do not consume doses of antibiotics are extremely "irresponsible" because it increases the risk of antibiotic resistance. Therefore, before this latest report, they a片 urged the community should be very careful. Professor Helen Stokes-Lampard, President of the Royal College of GPs, said that patients should not change their behavior "if only based on one study."

In fact, the report on the aggregated opinions of 10 experts in the field of infectious diseases from the University of Oxford and Brighton and Sussex medical school. The experts analyzed the results of a multitude of reliable research on the antibiotic. They noticed, the antibiotic dose is shorter, namely decrease 1/2 than normal dose, no effect to the patient has recovered, the infection back or death. Some of the best antibiotic should be used for longer periods, such as for the treatment of tuberculosis. However, others, such as for the treatment of pneumonia, only effective when used in a shorter time.
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Professor Helen Stokes-Lampard.

Today, according to experts, the current advice about having to use the full dose of antibiotics actually no scientific evidence.

At the hospital, patients are often treated with antibiotics until tests showed they had completely recovered from the infection. The researchers confirmed: "Outside the Hospital where can not proceed with the examination of continuous, repeated, perhaps the best patients should be advised to stop the treatment when they feel better. And this direct opposition with advice from the WHO. The community should be encouraged to realize that, antibiotics are limited natural resources and precious, it should be preserved ".

The authors report on said, need more testing to determine the standard tuning tips should be taken for patients on antibiotic dosage. But Professor Stokes-Lampard insisted: "the antibiotic dose as recommendations are not random. They are adjusted to suit the individual's disease and in many cases, the dosage is relatively short.

According to experts, the current advice about having to use the full dose of antibiotics actually no scientific evidence. Instead, the evidence clearly shows, stopping antibiotics early rather than selecting a safe and effective way to reduce drug abuse situation.

Professor Martin Liewelyn, head of the Group of experts made a report on, share: "historically, the antibiotic dose is in place from before, was motivated by the fear of having to not be adequate treatment without proper attention to the possibility of abuse of the drug. Use the full dose of antibiotics against one of the beliefs about how to use the most basic medicines, was the most widely disseminated à people ever had, which is that we should use as few drugs as possible.

Antibiotic resistance is currently a global health crisis, with the abuse of antibiotics is the main motivation by the bacteria become drug-resistant, antibiotics are used more and more as a result of making Super bacteria appeared.

Share in the journal BMJ, Professor Llewelyn together colleagues expressed: "the false belief that must use adequate doses of antibiotics will help minimize the risk of drug resistance may be the major hurdle in the journey reduces the status of unnecessary antibiotic use. Patients can react differently to the same antibiotic. Currently, the majority of us are ignoring this fact and instead put forward recommendations relating to time medication based on poor scientific evidence ".

We are concerned about the advice the patients to stop taking the Middle when they see ' better '. Because improvement of the symptoms does not necessarily mean the infection has completely been removed ".

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