Bored "her husband anal cream anal creampie because the pill after childbirth

After 4 months, my husband has suggested "married relationships" back. I found myself also have better should also decide so. Because want to plan should I use daily forms of oral contraceptives. But do not understand why since the pill I feel no longer "excitement" in this story anymore, even today I still feel very upset when her husband suggested.

People say do must take the fatigue that many siblings feel bored with "bedding" after birth. But to tell you the truth h動漫 I was very leisurely, taking the son had a housekeeper and grandmother, moreover, very little sexual harassment, child crying, so I also don't suffer from stress.

Please help me, whether the main side effects of contraceptives makes you "float is love" to you? 
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Don't know what kind of pills you are taking is kind but you need to remember one thing that women are breastfeeding, often only use oral contraceptives, which contain a type of the hormone progesterone, to avoid loss of milk

"Bored" her husband because the pill after childbirth 1
Many sisters getting apathetic symptoms after birth without knowing. Photo illustrations

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With many sisters, libido is reduced remarkably after childbirth. This can be interpreted as due to the hormonal changes in the body. Prolatin hormone concentrations will increase when women breastfeed. This contributes to reduce the concentration of the hormone dopamine thereby leading to decreased sexual desire. The breastfeeding mother can also contribute lead to reducing the likelihood of women reach orgasm when "love" because the vagina thinner due to the change in hormones.

You concluded his "excitement" with her husband after pill is unfounded, however, is also very difficult to remove. By in the regular contraceptive contains a certain hormone. After birth, the hormonal balance in the body the woman has not yet stabilized, so that if supplements of hormones in the pills can also lead to fluctuations in the body. And a consequential can be reduced or the sexual desire disorder. 

Also, very likely you've suffered symptoms postpartum illegal without knowing it.

So, if want to avoid pregnancy, the couple you can choose more safety measures such as using condoms, contraceptive pills or injectable form, the membrane prevents the vagina ...

If after trying a few contraceptive, still no "excitement" again, you should consider the possibility of psychology you are out of balance, or because you were apathetic.

At best, you should go to see a doctor specialized in obstetrics to examination, counseling. Besides, you should also create a psychologically playful, open minded, or sports workout, relax in the picnic area, shops, to psychological balance back ...

Wish you happy, healthy, happy!

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