Unveil the world's largest russian porn aircraft image

The world's largest Stratolaunch aircraft belonging to Vulcan Aerospace (US) has just been launched in the United States on May 31.

The Stratolaunch was designed to launch satellites into space with a wingspan of up to 117 m, using six Boeing 747s, 15.24 m high and carrying over 250 tons. In particular, Stratolaunch has 28 cakes. With no fuel injection, the aircraft's weight is up to 226 tons and can accommodate 113 tons of fuel.

The world's largest Stratolaunch aircraft. Photo: Stratolaunch Systems

The joint venture's adult porn Paul Allen, a co-founder of the Microsoft Group, invested out of the Mojave Air & Space Port in California to start fuel tests. This is the first step of many terrestrial experiments.

The world's largest Stratolaunch has 28 cakes. Photo: Stratolaunch Systems
Jean Floyd, managing director of Stratolaunch Systems, said in a statement today that the company will actively explore a range of rocket launchers that will allow them to offer more flexible products to customer.

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According to Floyd, the target is expected to perform missile launches from the Stratolaunch aircraft as early as early 2019. "In the weeks and months ahead, we will be conducting ground and road trials. This is the first aircraft of this line, so we will have to work hard during the pilot and continue to prioritize the pilot's safety. Our crew and staff, "Floyd said.
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The Stratolaunch will launch its 2019 launch soon. Photo: Stratolaunch Systems

According to CNN , Stratolaunch will take off from the runway and fly to a height close to the height of a commercial aircraft before launching the launch pad. "When the missile launches into orbit, the Stratolaunch will return Jav Gangbang to the runway to refit, refuel and reuse it," Allen said.
Stratolaunch has teamed up with Orbital ATK to launch a rocket capable of carrying some small satellites called the Pegasus XL which weighs in at over 453kg. These missiles will be attached to Stratolaunch's hull and will launch into the atmosphere when the aircraft is higher than 10,000 m.
"With an airport-like operation and fast turnaround capability, aerial launching is more efficient and economical than vertical drilling from the ground," the company's representative said.

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