Grab, what did Uber say anal creampie compilation when Vinasun declared suing to the end?

Representative Grab spokesman in Vietnam said the unit recently heard the statement of Vinasun through the media and confirmed that continuous promotion is not a devaluation.

Ta Long Hy, deputy general director of Vinasun, said that the company would pursue the Grab case, Uber to the same because of the Jav Abuse way to do business in the market.

"We are aware that not only Vinasun but also many other companies in Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City will continue to sue Grab, Uber because of unfair competition. The most basic here is they are devalued, "he emphasized.

The two issues raised by the Vinasun leadership are the need to clarify the basis for Uber, Grab to offer such rates (low rates - PV). In addition, the next issue is how long that price will last, or simply Uber, Grab wants to "kill" other taxi firms to corrupt the market, and then increase when taxi passes The system is no longer.
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Grab, Uber noi gi khi bi Vinasun tuyen bo kien toi cung? hinh anh 1
Represent Grab confirmed not received the suit of Vinasun. Photo:  Hieu Cong.
Talking with , Nguyen Thi Thu An, Director of Communications of Vietnam Grab, said only read information through the event Vinasun declare media. "Grab Vietnam has not received any information from the authorities," she said.

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Talking about the reason for repeatedly launching many shocking promotions, Grab representative said that is one of the effective measures to increase the purchasing power of the market. She likened the promotion as "donate" to loyal customers and encouraged use of the service.

Regarding claims Grab is unfair competition and signs of dumping, this representative claims that this unit is in compliance with the law. Upon entering Vietnam, Grab was granted a pilot license by the Ministry of Transport with full legal status.

"In Southeast Asia, we operate in 55 cities in 7 countries with more than 900,000 partner drivers," she said, but did not reveal the number of specific drivers in Vietnam.

Grab, Uber noi gi khi bi Jav Bukkake Vinasun tuyen bo kien toi cung? hinh anh 2
Vinasun's profits slumped because of Uber, Grab. Graphic:  Hieu Cong.
A spokesman for , Uber Vietnam 's representative , said the unit had no idea what the traditional taxi lawsuit was about. He says that at present, Uber is focusing on a number of development activities.

Prior to that, Uber Vietnam Director Dang Viet Dung also shared that he did not comment on the information related to the incident.

The Competition Management Department (Ministry of Industry and Trade) said that the unit has no information about the incident and will announce it after the official news.

Traditional taxi tax lawsuit Grab, Uber Talk with, Mr. Xie Long Hy, Deputy General Director Vinasun shared about pursuing Grab lawsuit, Uber to the same because of the way to do business in the market. bare.

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