Gold price in June: Challenge anal creampie eating with $ 1,300 / oz

In May 2017, international gold prices fluctuated in the range of $ 1,214-1,275 / oz. Although not rising sharply, gold prices have recorded impressive monthly gains.

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Is this a stepping stone for gold to break the psychological resistance of $ 1,300 an ounce in June?
With positive advances in May and a backdrop of underlying fundamentals, some experts say gold prices may continue to break the next resistance levels in June.
The NFP is the focus
After opening at $ 1,262 an ounce, gold traded between $ 1,259-1,274 an ounce and closed at $ 1,268 an ounce. Gold orgy porn prices rose as the dollar slid against key currencies after a US Beige Book report showed that the economy grew from a low in early April 2017 to an average in End of May 2017. However, inflationary pressures have not shown signs of recovery again. Meanwhile, the US unemployment rate is at 4.4%, the lowest level in almost 10 years.
From the above, the Fed may decide to increase interest rates at the meeting on June 13-14, with economic growth in general and Jav Nurse labor market in particular. But with weak inflationary pressures, the agency may be more cautious.
According to a survey by Thomson Reuters, the market expectation for the Fed to increase 25 interest rates in the coming meeting is around 86.6%.  
Meanwhile, in the gold market in Vietnam, in general SJC gold trading in May was very quiet, most of the domestic investors just stood outside the market and almost no large transactions. . Accordingly, the price of SJC gold in May was inclined toward a downward trend mainly, in stark contrast to the international price of gold. SJC gold ended at the end of 
May at 36.38 -36.40 million VND / tael, the lowest level in May.
As of 9:00 AM, SJC gold price was listed at Phu Nhuan Jewelry Joint Stock Company in Ho Chi Minh City, Da Nang and Can Tho at 36.25- 36. , 45 million VND / tael, buying price and selling price increased by 70 thousand VND per tael compared to the end of May. Meanwhile, SJC gold price listed by PNJ in Hanoi increased only 50,000 VND Each volume, up to 36.30 to 36.40 million per volume. According to PNJ, the price of SJC gold increased mainly due to the influence of the rise of gold price in the world market on 31/5.
The US non-farm payrolls (NFP) data will be released later this week to forecast the Federal Reserve's move in the coming meeting.
Facing many resistance levels

Ole Hansen, head of commodity strategist at Saxo Bank, said gold prices are likely to break the $ 1,300 resistance level in June 2017 as the Federal Reserve It may raise interest rates in the coming meeting, but will be cautious about the plan as it did in March this year.
"The Fed's ability to raise interest rates for the second time this year at the June meeting is almost coming to a close, but raising its third interest rate is still uncertain. There is currently only about 50% of the Fed's ability to raise rates at the December 2014 meeting. It is the Fed's hesitation in implementing a plan to increase interest rates that will push up gold prices, "said Ole Hansen.
Ole Hansen also added Jav Censored that political risks in European elections and the uncertainties surrounding President Donald Trump have also been actively supporting the price of gold.
Ole Hansen said that if the price of gold surpasses $ 1,280 an ounce, it will quickly break $ 1,300 an ounce.
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Previously, ICBC Standard Bank also predicted that gold price could surpass $ 1,300 an ounce before the US Independence Day (July 4, 2017).
According to technical analysis, gold prices have not shown any signs of a strong breakthrough in the short term, but still tend to accumulate. Currently, gold is still in the long-term discount channel, as of September 2011. Accordingly, if the gold price breaks above $ 1,285 an ounce, the break of $ 1,300 an ounce is only a matter of time if the fundamentals still support the current gold price. Of course, to break $ 1,300 an ounce, gold may be challenged at $ 1,296 an ounce, the highest level in five months of 2017.
Meanwhile, in the short term, gold prices are still in the up channel. Accordingly, if the price of gold stays above $ 1,224 an ounce, this uptrend channel is maintained. In addition, the 200-day moving average (currently at $ 1,242 an ounce) is also an important support for short-term gold prices.

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